Monday, January 10, 2011

Glad Tidings for Reactionaries

Rejoice, my brethren, for I bring glad tidings. Our comrades are faithfully implementing the reactionary plan for victory.

Apparently the fraction of children who are homeschooled has increased to around 4% (it was estimated at around 2% in 2001

As the article notes, the number of homeschooled students @1980 was no more than perhaps 20k. This is an increase of on the order of 100 times inside 30 years. Given that the homeschooled have approximately twice the level of civic participation of the average members of the population, this would tend to indicate that their political influence should increase substantially as well.


The Cold Equations said...

I think this trend is a major threat to the liberal establishment, but they seem to be oblivious to it. Things that grow exponentially are like that - you don't notice them until they're out of control.

Jehu said...

2-2.5 million is probably sufficient to make it largely impractical to attack as it is. Another doubling or two and it'll be both obvious and impossible to do anything about. Couple this with the budgetary hurricane that I don't see stopping any time soon and I see government-controlled public educational funding losing its sacred cow status. After all, if you send your kids to private school or homeschool them, and a lot of the kids in public schools are of questionable citizenship, what incentive have you to support their rent-seeking over any other band of rent-seekers? The military power density of homeschoolers also tends to be pretty high as well.

Reality Check said...

Hear, hear. Fellow comrade here. As a commie feminazi atheist Jew, I am proud to confess that I homeschool my brood.

Jehu said...

Hehe Reality Check,
Glad to hear you're homeschooling. I'm well aware that not every homeschooler is a reactionary, although every last one is most assuredly an 'Enemy of the State'. Your Godless Communism isn't an existential issue, and I doubt severely that you're a fascist feminist. The interests of your brood will likely insure that you're on my side for those existential issues that are on the table. You will fight, I take it, to preserve your ability to homeschool your get?