Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Return of Mangan's: Diversity Kills Through Heart Disease and Cancer Too


Mangan's blog is back up, with several worthy new posts.  Today he delivers us a link to yet ANOTHER way that diversity kills.  It's amusing the way the authors of the study try to hedge and spin their results, by appealing to the way that diversity is unhealthy for NAMs, but the message is pretty clear.  Maybe it'll give cover for nice white ladies (damn I loathe their impact on the political discourse!) to oppose diversity for NAMs' sake.

I'd much rather people oppose diversity for who...whom's sake and to be open partisans of their own coethnic's interests.  But one must work with what one has, I suppose.


ConantheContrarian said...

For "whose sake" or "for "sake of whom" but not for "whom's sake".

Jehu said...


Who...whom should be viewed in this case like a single word. It's a concept we use here a lot at the Chariot, precisely because it describes real politics and motivation so concisely.

Anonymous said...

Mangan has really clamped down on the diversity of his commenters. Walkin' the walk, talkin' the talk!