Sunday, May 1, 2011

A special offer for Unions on May Day

Being as May 1 is a day of special significance to Unions, I thought I'd make a special, limited time offer, in their direction. Please note when I make this offer, I limit it to private sector unions only. It's a point of pride for me that I'll never make an offer to a group that isn't clearly in its best interest. What I have to say is extremely true for private sector union members but less so for public sector unionists.
Look, I recognize that your game is to reap an economic premium by creating an artificial barrier to entry in your respective vocations. That reduces economic efficiency overall in some cosmic sense, but you're not talking to someone who believes in economic efficiency over all else. I'm a reactionary, not some conservative or libertarian.
Your interests are not served by large-scale immigration into this country, be it legal or illegal. This represents competition for you, which has the ultimate effect of bidding down your wages and making the middle-class lifestyle you want to enjoy far more expensive to obtain. It's not an accident that union leaders such as Cesar Chavez fought hard against illegal immigration, using tactics that'd make the Minutemen blanch. Chavez clearly understood what side his bread was buttered on. So should you. Ask yourself this: are you served by a country with cheap land and expensive labor, or vice versa? Large scale immigration moves you away from cheap land/expensive labor towards expensive land and cheap labor. This is something you need to force your leaders to get behind you on, and if they won't bend to your will, you need to dispense with them until you can get someone willing to be called a racist, xenophobe, and a nativist and take it as a badge of honor.
I'm not saying you need to be Republicans. Hell, I'm not a Republican, I'm a demographic hegemony voter. What you really need to be is a constituency that all parties bid to appease. All the stuff your leaders bandy about in Washington is trivial by comparison to this issue in terms of long term importance to your interests, even if they're strictly monetary and you don't give a damn about demographic hegemony.

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