Thursday, August 4, 2011

A warming to the very rich in the US

By the very rich I mean that top 0.1% discussed in this article

First off, let me say, you are fortunate that the population that you live among is American, and still mostly that of European extraction. A large fraction of the population is like myself and doesn't begrudge you your cool toys---be they fancy custom cars, personal jets, mansions or castles, or the like. A smaller fraction that includes myself doesn't even begrudge you the ability to pass vast wealth and advantages along to your descendants. An even smaller fraction, including myself once again doesn't even begrudge you the ability to not be personally bothered by a lot of the effluent spewed by our government. You won't get this graciousness from any other population.

But you've got a big problem in the future---you are perceived as owning the government and the organs of the culture, and this is largely an accurate perception, not that accuracy in this case actually matters. The prestige of the government presently is at an all time low, and if trends continue, we may be in a circumstance that Lenin would recognize. Your conventional allies against expropriation, like myself, are disinclined to defend you if you use your power to threaten our existential interests, such as demographic hegemony. What's more, we're smart enough to know what would actually hurt your interests, as opposed to primarily falling on the bottom half of the top 1%, which is what the conventional 'soak the rich' crowd normally accomplishes. Think very hard on this when deciding which politicians or media organs to buy or what to tell them to say.

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