Thursday, November 24, 2011


In my house we are thankful for many things.  Goods of material sustenance are terribly cheap by historical standards.
For instance, at your local Costco, you can buy approximately 4000 calories worth of white rice for a dollar.  Alternately, you could buy 2000 calories worth of Adams Peanut Butter or dried beans for that same dollar.  In terms of pain relief, one can buy 40 or 50 pain relievers for about the same amount of money.  And even at the present price of gasoline, for $1 you can buy a truly obscene amount of power, enough to make kings of bygone days drool.

Most of these things are the products of technology and engineering.  Much of the dysfunction of our present age's government has been papered over and masked to some extent by said infrastructure.  Can't be bothered to actually maintain law and order in the center of the cities?  No problem, we'll just migrate to the suburbs powered by our armies of petrol minions.  I'm thankful for these glorious hordes of BTUs made available to me, and hope you are as well.  The day will likely come when they're nowhere near so cheap nor so numerous.

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