Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rounding out the large blocks in the Senate with Methodists, Baptists, and Lutherans

Bingamann F-
Burr B-
Inouye F-
Iskason B
Lugar D
Moran A
Nelson B+
Portman (no grade but career D+)
Roberts A-
Sessions B+
Stabenow D-
2 A's 4 B's 3D's 2 F's
Largely a Democrat (bad) Republican (less bad) split.  Amusingly Inouye is F- rated---being a native Hawaiian himself you think he'd know better!  How did unrestricted immigration work out for the Hawaiians?  This group is pretty much the median of America as a whole.

Blunt B+
Boozmann A+
Coburn B-
Cochran C+
Graham B+
Grassley B+
McCain B+
McConnell B+
Pryor B-
Wicker B+
1 A, 8 B's and a C.  This group frankly rocks.  Even the Democrat is a B-.  While their denominational leadership in many cases is flaky, their political elites are generally faithful to the demographic interests of their coreligionists.  There is definitely a strong Scots-Irish influence here as well.
Brown B-
Johnson (R-Wi) (No Grade)
Johnson (D-SD) F-
Merkley D-

Another median group like the Methodists.

For reference, it should be noted that in general, Presidential Candidates are worse than Senators (Bachmann has the best rating at a B-, Romney is a C-, and everyone else is worse, sometimes a lot worse).  In turn, Representatives tend to have better grades than do Senators (only 5% of the Senate is A rated, 21% of the House is).

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