Sunday, May 20, 2012

Racist Reactionary Bloggers Nearly Totally Correct on Zimmerman Case MSM Nearly Totally Wrong

In this case, Dershowitz agrees with our little cabal of 'reactionary racist' bloggers.

Is there anyone alive who would honestly take an even odds wager that Zimmerman is guilty with God as the arbiter?

Didn't think so.  You'd demand at least 9 or 10 to 1 odds, wouldn't you?
Yes, it's logically possible that Zimmerman said something like---You're going to die you Dirty 'insert preferred racial slur here', and pulled his gun, and Martin then pummeled him in self defense.  But it's not bloody likely.  You might even have to hold out for 90-100 to 1 odds after you consult your better judgment (you know, that part of your brain that thinks about 'good schools' and 'safe neighborhoods').

So unless you're an inverted jackass who insists that the defendant prove his innocence beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt, and your shadows are really long, the man is not guilty.  Period.
In a preliminary hearing, he is supposed to have the opportunity to get the charges dismissed if the preponderance of evidence (a slightly more than 50% standard) can be satisfied that he acted in self defense.

Based on the fact that nobody is going to wager with their own money at even odds, this should be a slam dunk.  But it won't be, for the reasons of cowardice and mendacity.  The fact that the judge even needs to think about it or deliberate in his chambers is proof only of the qualities above.  Yes, to act justly or honorably is going to devastate any future career advancement, and probably will result in riots.  But that's your job.  You can, and probably will shirk your duty.  Don't be surprised when people loathe you as a result.  Such things create hatreds that NEVER die.

Anyone here ever punished in grade school by the authorities for defending themselves?  Do you remember the feeling of injustice still?  I bet you do.  I bet you can remember the name of the authority figure to this very day.  The Zimmerman case is this on steroids.  Be careful what lessons you teach.  You may find the tuition very steep indeed.


Anonymous said...

Zimmerman had injuries all over his upper body. The thug had one small gash on one finger, and bloodied knuckles. Does seem sort of a slam dunk case, doesn't it?

I believe Trayvon had plans for a long career of injuring people who offended him, based on his actions. I have known fighters, men who get off on beating up people on any pretext, and Trayvon's actions fit that profile.

Anonymous age 70

Hail said...

The revelation that 'Trayvon' had drugs in his system is the nail in the coffin.

What is less clear is to what extent the public is aware of the complete collapse and total refutation of the early Antiwhite-Race-Hustler/MSM version.