Sunday, November 7, 2010

Articles to come, or, dealing with the writing deficit

I'm somewhat backlogged on my writing. Here are the articles I'm thinking on presently.
Tim the (un)Wise --- my thoughts on how everyone's favorite anti-white...I mean...anti-racist figure has illuminated the cultural battlespace and how we as reactionaries might best exploit him.
Taqiyya, a gift from Mohammed for the neurotypical white person in the present cultural battlespace
Metaphors for the Divine, God as Absolute Monarch
Metaphors for the Divine, God as Author
Metaphors for the Divine, God as Game Master
Making the Neurotypical work for you, some spiritual advice for my neurotypical Christian friends

Normally my writing style is to think about what it is that I'm writing until I feel the words clawing at the inside of my skull, eager to escape. So I don't really know what the timeframe for these is going to be.

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