Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tim the (un)Wise

I've been mulling over Tim Wise's recent screed for some time now. I suppose I should start with my most important observation:
Thank you Tim Wise, for being, well, unwise. Your work and the resounding lack of total excoriation forthcoming from the organs of mainstream culture have provided me with ample material for recruiting and awakening allies among my coethnics. Frankly I doubt I could have done a better job of black propaganda if I tried. You see, most of my coethnics and especially my coethnic coreligionists are far, far too nice, and far too trusting at that. It's very hard to awaken them to the defense of their own interests. Far too many of them are basically just cultural Christians without any real attachment to Christ or Christian tradition, and that is a recipe for being led around by any guilt-tripper like an ox with a ring through his nose. It causes me a great deal of frustration to see denominations fall like dominoes because their orthodox and conservative elements are afraid of not being nice or of confrontation. Often I want to scream to them 'Purge them before they purge you'. But that's a matter for another post or three.

Let's talk existential interests. The most pressing interest any people has is the maintenance of its demographic hegemony over the real estate in which it resides. Tim is serving me well here by calling my root argument into strong focus in a venue I normally have little access to, excepting when I'm acting in what I call a 'counter-intelligence' capacity. You see, it really doesn't matter whether you're collectively guilty or not when existential interests are concerned. You defend them if for no other reason than your basic requirement to defend the interests of your children. You can get to this requirement either from pretty much any Abrahamic faith's traditions and writings (failing to do so is to deny the Faith and be worse than the unbeliever) or from the brute facts of nature if that's your bent. Honestly, you SHOULD feel it in your gut. Even I do, and I don't feel a lot of things in my gut that I should, being pretty seriously non-neurotypical. I'd suggest a secular version of my religious test in my earlier post Solo Scriptura or Sola Scriptura tradition as a guide here.

Let's talk privilege. I for one want to confer as many advantages as I can on my children. I make no bones about it either. I even chose their parents (particularly their mother and maternal grandfather and grandmother) carefully :-) Sure there are lots of people that hem and haw on this point, but in general they act precisely as I have and continue to do. From this I infer that they must believe, at root, as I do. This is not a bad thing, and people shouldn't feel guilty about it. Genuine love for their children is all to often the only real love many folks have (with so much self-loathing, many even lack self-love). God doesn't want you to loathe yourself. He wouldn't have sent His Son to suffer, die, and be raised from the dead if He wanted that. There's a reason that Gospel means essentially 'good news'. For those of you who aren't interested in that particular offer, I've another one for you. I don't want you to loathe yourself either, even if you're my enemy. Self loathing almost certainly causes inflammation, like low status does, which literally hurts you. So stop feeling guilty about your 'invisible knapsack' of white privilege or whatever metaphor for such you've been sold. Insofar as privilege exists, it's really much more 'elite' privilege than 'white privilege' anyway.


Hail said...

most of my coethnics and especially my coethnic coreligionists are far, far too nice, and far too trusting at that

By coethnics I presume you mean Northwest-Europeans; by coreligionists you stated you are Quaker.

In generations past, it was no problem for us Protestants to see things in terms of racial self-interest. Not even the most liberal of the colonial Quakers (AFAIK) proposed "integrating" with the American-Indians.

So what's changed in the interim?

Jehu said...

I consider pretty much anyone who confesses Christ to be my coreligionist, as long as they don't have a fatally defective concept of who Christ is (e.g. Mormons). So Catholics, Orthodox, and almost all Protestants are included.
What's changed is that most of the elites of the church are very concerned with being 'liked' by elite society. Present elite society is the problem. It holds anti-discrimination (except against whites, and particularly white males) as the highest virtue.