Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Fundamental Axiom of Reaction: Every decision in a political arena will suck for at least some real persons

I often find myself dismayed by the political discourse between the right-leftists and the left-leftists because of what they take for granted. Both sides routinely pretend that their plans are all champagne and roses. As a reactionary, I believe firmly that perfection is impossible in the world short of the return of Jesus, when some hard-core reaction will take place. Furthermore, I believe that every political decision that is made will have victims (or losers if you prefer), and the fact that one might not be able to enumerate them by name in no way makes this insignificant. For instance, if a society makes a decision to shame and lower the status of unwed mothers, things WILL suck more for those women who still manage or choose to become such. However, there will be considerably fewer of them than if society decided to subsidize them and not inflict an explicit status hit against them. Being a reactionary, some might say a counter-revolutionary, I believe this (shaming the practice of having children out of wedlock) is the optimal choice for society's cultural organs to make, but I recognize that it will hurt people. It is unfortunate that in the world of Public relations, acknowledging that your decisions have NEGATIVE consequences for some people and are not in fact all unicorns and happy dances is a major handicap. So my advice to reactionaries who in fact have such decision making authority is to understand it at a personal level, but not to talk about it terribly much in public---at least not until we've taken control of or destroyed the organs of the culture.

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B322 said...

Wise advice, not unlike something Merlin might tell the young Arthur.

It's easier, emotionally to deal with certain enemies of Western civilization (like al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade) than others (like teenage girls who "didn't use protection"). Still, shaming isn't as bad as deportation. Girls are pretty hard on sluts anyway - larger society just needs to stop being more permissive than gossipy teenagers.