Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hurrah for the True Finns While there are many issues I disagree with the True Finns party on, we agree on the existential ones, and I'm happy that the Finns have chosen to elevate their party considerably in the recent election. We agree on the following: 1) Demographic hegemony is an existential issue. It is THE issue. The True Finns wish to retain the hegemony of Finns over Finland. I support this and appreciate that they are stretching the Cathedral's malevolent energies on this issue. 2) We also agree on the fundamental question of government----Whose interests is the government of Finland constituted to defend and advance? The True Finns would say, well, the Finns. God bless them. Yes, the True Finns are in favor of a more lavish welfare state than I'd be in their place, and have some different economic ideas, but these issues aren't existential. If securing demographic hegemony for me and mine means I have to make concessions towards more socialism targeted at me and mine, well, so be it. The Chambers of Commerce should bear this in mind---if they want people like myself to be their friend on economic issues, they need to stop being our enemies on existential ones. Otherwise there's just a strong temptation to punish them with whatever coalition is available just for pure retribution.

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