Sunday, June 26, 2011

Encouragement for our friends, the True Finns

Dennis has posted of the activities of the US's ambassador to Finland on his blog today. The True Finns should take this fool of an ambassador's scorn as a badge of honor. He compares you to the Tea Party, which is somewhat complimentary, but I think you're far better than that because you grok the existential nature of demographic hegemony. Not only that, you stood firm against bailing out the profligate nations of Europe at the expense of the short term political advantage that would have come from being part of the ruling coalition. When Greece and the rest of the PIIGs go to economic hell in a hand basket anyway, your wisdom will be vindicated and you will likely gain a plurality of the votes in your assembly.

I know it pisses off Americans when some foreign ambassador presumes to meddle in our internal affairs or criticize us, in whole or in part. Hopefully the same is true of your people. Perhaps this fool's quotes will make for good campaign advertising material for you. If he helps you get a working majority, I'll consider his salary well spent. Were he a covert reactionary with similar beliefs to myself, he could hardly have helped you more.

My good wishes for you are not totally altruistic. I recognize that if you sweep to power, that this will embolden and encourage similar efforts in the rest of Europe. And what is trendy in Europe affects the political landscape in my nation as well.

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