Sunday, June 12, 2011

Which potential realistic candidate sucks the least for 2012?
The above link contains NumbersUSA's grades for each of the major party presidential candidates for 2012

Most of you know I'm a demographic hegemony voter. I believe that if you win the demographic hegemony battle, all other battles eventually become winnable. But if you lose that battle, none of the others matter all that much.

From the major political parties, Bachmann and Pawlenty are the only generally acceptable candidates on this issue. The Constitution party candidate is usually pretty decent on this issue also, and is my go-to in cases like 2008, when McCain/Palin were put forward by the Republicans. I really don't care whether a candidate is qualified, intelligent, or possesses sufficient 'gravitas' if they're not on my side on this issue. I'd be just fine with Palin if I felt she was reliable on this issue---which I don't unfortunately. Frankly, on this issue I want someone who doesn't mind being perceived as a bit of a 'meanie'.

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