Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happiness of Women Declining Faster than that for Men


None of this should be terribly surprising.  Raising the status of women relative to that of men creates relationship unhappiness for women moreso than for men.  Women are attracted to status, it is catnip for the neurotypical woman.  Lowering the relative status of men basically makes men less attractive to their women.  The flip side of this is the increasing prevalence of obesity, since looks are to men what status is to women.

Furthermore, women derive most of their satisfaction from their relationships and communities.  Guess what diversity undermines and destroys?  You can cite Putnam if you really need to in support of this claim, or you could alternatively just open your eyes.  Women thrive in a high-trust environment when they have ready access to similarly situated friends, another thing that packing most of them off to an office environment while putting their little bundles of joy into daycare to be raised by someone else tends to fragment.

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