Saturday, February 25, 2012

How Diversity and the Loss of Free Association Sucks for the Proletariat

It occurs to me that most of the so-named proles are perfectly decent neighbors.  A thought experiment to prove this follows:

How many low middle class/upper lower class neighborhoods in the US would fail to become nice places to live if you could eject (or ideally, prevent from living there in the first place) the worst 20% of the residents?  Not very many I wager.  But under a PC multiculturalist regime, only rich people are allowed to live in nice neighborhoods, and only by erecting economic barriers to entry.

It has been said that the worst part of being poor in the US is having to live next to other poor people.  A huge part of this is that people outside the upper middle class and upper classes aren't allowed to maintain control over their own neighborhoods.  Hell, under high diversity, they can't even maintain soft power by controlling normative behavior.   And if this isn't bad enough, the SWPL/DWL crowd even supports stuffing Section 8 residents into whatever lower income neighborhoods are too functional for their tastes.


spandrell said...

The definition of proles is quite relative. Rich smug people tend to avoid proles who don't really need avoiding. But how should they know? As you say decent proles aren't allowed to police the non decent proles.
Which produces the stereotype of proles = dangerous.

And anyway the decent, law abiding, stoic working class types you are talking about are a dying breed. They have been abused and bullied into extinction. Their lands taken by NAM proles. And the decent fraction of those is negligible.

Jehu said...

I'm more optimistic about that set than you are---the set that forms the primary constituency of country music in the US. They're still pretty prominent in rural, exurban, and small towns and small cities. They're also still generally pretty decent, as their criminal numbers bear out. If we'd stop screwing them they'd recover. As a group, they are also my most likely allies if things were to go...nonlinear.

Hail said...

I agree, Jehu, that lower-class Whites in the USA are usually good folks. Spandrell is also right that, in some areas (California?) their communities are on the sharp decline.

Sam Francis called the political element of the rural or rural-minded White population "MARs", Middle-American Radicals. Francis predicted they would rise up, and -- in a kind of political revolution -- reject the Multicultacracy. Francis was partly borne out by the emergence of the Tea Party, I'd say, and what's in store for the 2010s none of us can yet say.

One problem is that 'Middle America' suffered a serious brain drain in the 20th century. The more-talented tended to leave their home-regions to resettle in metropolitan areas. The less-talented and less-dynamic stayed home. They are certainly still (in my experience) good people, but do they have the wherewithal to be initiative-taking political leaders, much less revolutionaries (or 'reactionaries', as it were)? We saw the radical edge of the early Tea Party fall apart, be coopted, and essentially turn into a shocktoop for FoxNews.

spandrell said...

It's a bad strategy you got when you have to ally yourselves with the left half of the Bell Curve. It can't work. The Left is way more used to us to using mobs for their purposes.

Jehu said...

To paraphrase a recent Secretary of Defense, you go to war with the army you have, not the army you wish you had. Reaction has no eternal allies, nor any eternal enemies. It has, however, eternal interests. My prime secular interest is protecting the demographic hegemony in the US of me and mine. Most of the population shares that interest but they are afraid to articulate it as such.

And Hail, the MARS strategy can work---efforts like the Tea Party aren't valuable so much in terms of what they accomplish but in terms of how much they stoke the anger of the MARS. When boiling temperature is reached you've got a bonafide prerevolutionary condition and all sorts of things unthinkable get placed on the table. When some public official (probably someone in the TSA or the like) gets beaten or shot by an angry man (or men), and the jury acquits with obvious nullification, you're almost there. When the MARS consider who...whom on every political question, you are there.

nydwracu said...

One problem: revolutions take time, and MARs are dying out. Their offspring are becoming either SWPLs, thanks to the power of the internet to detach culture from place and thereby facilitate the expansion of the culture in power, or drug-addicted losers of the sort Jim Goad wrote about. Take Carroll County: they openly refuse, on demographic grounds, to allow public transportation to be run out there from Baltimore, but two of the high schools in Westminster got into a fight over which one could claim the title of Meth High.

RS said...

> power of the internet to detach culture from place

Somewhat true, but as long as you can't go to bed with someone by wire, reality will be king.