Thursday, July 12, 2012

Closing the Cafeteria in the Arlington Diocese?

Obviously the article above is hostile to this movement, but I find it quite encouraging.  This demonstrates that at least part of American Catholicism has gotten serious in the eternal war against heresy.
If your prospective Sunday School teachers don't agree with your teachings, OF COURSE you shouldn't allow them to teach, regardless of what Spirit they claim to be moved by.

For those who would like a little extra encouragement, let me relate something said recently by a Quaker woman who attends our church.
She said that she felt led towards promoting the education of boys AS boys, not like they were suboptimal versions of girls.  My guess is whatever Spirit led her wasn't the same one the cafeteria Catholics were being led by.
In our church we've generally done quite well by our young men and boys.  This is primarily the result of one thing:  We don't hate them or wish that they were girls.  Because of this, they keep showing up and bring their friends.


Anonymous said...

SWPLs seem to really prefer having girls over boys. If I missed out on a male heir I'd be pissed.

Jehu said...

Yes---for some reason SWPL types do seem to lean that way, and having boys seems to move them away from the SWPL position.
I know my father in law was overjoyed when he got his first grandson from us (before he had just one granddaughter), and greatly enthused again when he got his second grandson--one that would carry his name, from my brother-in-law and his wife.

Anonymous said...


The reason described to me is that, "girls behave better." SWPLs don't know how to raise boys, and I'm not surprised they don't behave well when asked to be SWPLs.

Also, research shows that confident people with resources are more likely to have boys. Boys are a high risk prospect (they boom or bust more). Weak and insecure men have more girls (because they are a sure thing).

Also, I think many SWPL men wish they were women. They would not wish their own gender on their children as they see it as inferior.

Anonymous said...

Following up, I think girls can also give SWPLs the female admiration and respect they don't get from the adult women around them.

Bill said...

I agree, but if I had a choice between the typical religious education experience in a Catholic parish ("Jesus loves you, draw a flower") and someone robustly teaching heresy, I'd be sorely tempted to go with the latter.

Religious education, from the parish level up to the chancery, is dominated by "nice white ladies" and creepy men with Masters degrees in theology, education, or both. They present an implacable front of sweetly corrosive Oprah Catholicism.