Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Many Lights Are Presently Out In This Sphere




All of these are presently protected and apparently no longer supplying content to this little confluence of blogging spheres.  We at the Chariot miss all three of these blogs, and we wish their authors well (and hopefully a swift return).  Does anyone know the narrative behind this---assuming, of course, it is not confidential?


LDiracDelta said...

Hear hear.

Zorro said...

I applaud bloggers who go private. There are too many retards, trolls and fembots who infest otherwise worthwhile men's blogs.

Women, particularly fembots, do nothing but bring the tone down.

Nick B Steves said...

Wouldn't surprise me if TPTB at blogspot and wordpress respectively have discovered all the hate thought spewing out of those blogs and acted accordingly...

Sorry, Jehu, you're Just. Not. Big enough to get the treatment. Not yet, at any rate.

Jehu said...

I'm not hoping for it. Mangans and OneStdv are both probably a couple of orders of magnitude higher volume than the Chariot. I'm less inclined to suspect blogger or wordpress though---they tend to just delete, not make private when they get cranky.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can help you.

It is irrelevent and completely expected. All of those organizations are kosher conservatives, pushing The Daily Outrage.

The fact is, a crackdown is coming. WN will go into the shadows. We will have UK style hate laws here soon.

In addition, the crowd is pretty much set. We all know each other. The democratic, wake up the masses approach is dead. The very best WN material out there can never been seen by non-WNs.

joetexx said...

I hear STDV had some serious trolling issues.

Mangan I don't know about. I was actually reading one Archived post, went to the fridge for a soda and couldn't get on the blog when I came back.

if the writers in question are making a personal decision to screen their readership, I have no problem. If they are being pressured I wish they would find some way to let the 'sphere know. We need to know.

I used the option to request admit to STDV and have heard nada back. He does not know me from Adam as I never commented, but thought I'd make the effort.

joetexx said...

P. S.

Orthosphere is still open but no new material for 4 days. Unusual.

ADS said...

Onestd wrote a lot about focusing on negativity was a waste of time, so perhaps he just decided to quit focusing on that part of life.

Ilkka of the fourthcheckraise also quit since he just found it too emotionally destructive to focus on that sort of thing.

Dorsey47 said...

I heard TC went dark due to perceived stalking.

Anonymous said...

My guess:

When new comments stop appearing on a blog, it means the author is busy. When the blog goes private, it means he's afraid of being discovered.

Do Leftist bloggers ever feel the need to shut down for fear of being exposed? After all, they always present themselves as brave rebels against a conservative establishment, brave rebels who know they can destroy their enemies by exposing them to the establishment (http://www.alternativeright.com/main/blogs/zeitgeist/anarcho-sellouts/). To the Leftist mind, I suppose this is all perfectly natural.

Jehu said...

Its that they fear that when 'Comes the Reaction' they will all be dragged forcibly to attend daily Mass every morning.
I find their paranoia quite encouraging actually. If only HALF of the things they say about the Republican party were true, I could happily vote for it.

Thordaddy said...

There is no reason to believe that these blogs would last forever. Both Mangan and OneSTDV are still liberals at their foundation. They would seem to be in search of more liberating times ahead and the obligation of a blog that isn't even monetized requires one to endure many of the oppressive things that the true liberal despises.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Perhaps they got a ,life.

Elspeth said...

Well Jehu, I can help you out with the situation at TC. The rumors of cyber stalking are only part of the story. We didn't appreciate having one of authors given name revealed and it was something of a cage rattler for us so we decided a break might be in order.

Additionally, we're all married women and summer means more children, more vacations, less routine, and less time to write and moderate the blog. That, and we're making a few changes.

We're hoping if life allows and we still care enough, to come back after Labor Day.

Jehu said...

Hope it works out for you and your co-authors. I always found TC well worth the time to read.