Monday, November 19, 2012

Nope, No Outbreak of Sanity After All

So after an incredibly positive reception, they've gone and disowned and pulled their paper.
What a bunch of imbeciles.  Listen:

Intellectual property, the term, is an act of intellectual pickpocketing.  IP isn't really property, it is a grant of monopoly status for a limited (haha) time.  Were it property, violating it would be natural law theft and reasonable consciences would twinge against it.  It is granted purely for prudential reasons, not for moral ones, and therefore prudential arguments against it are totally cricket.  Allowing the other side to in some way sacralize what they call IP is insane.  Instead, let's call it Intellectual Monopoly or Intellectual Cronyism, depending on whether we like the holder or not.

But it's worse than that for the Republicans.  Even if you're not inspired by the truth, you ought to at least appreciate the Who...Whom of this issue.  If you can't smite your enemies and reward your friends, you will lose to those that can.   Remember the stronger horse.

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Anonymous said...

The republicans don't understand that they have enemies