Wednesday, November 7, 2012

One Business, At Least, Happy With the Election Results

The stock market in general isn't too happy with yesterday's results, but at least one industry is probably glowing.
Obama already has exceeded Bill Clinton as the greatest gun salesman in history, and he's back in his sequel.  America's Golden Dawn will likely be far better armed when its time comes.  More so than gun sales themselves, I'm particularly interested in ammunition sales.  Someone buying an expensive rifle and a few boxes of ammunition is sending an entirely different message than someone buying ammunition in bulk.   Zombie Apocalypse gallows humor indeed...


Beyond Anon said...

I think that Obama is getting kickbacks from the gun makers. Every scary thing he does helps them.

Jehu said...

Perhaps Obama simply buys out of the money call options against Smith & Wesson whenever he plans to make any scary noises about gun control?
It really is disgusting that not only are Congresscreatures allowed to invest in the stock market---they're EXEMPT from insider trading rules. The 'alpha' that they get relative to the mean investor is particularly impressive, and even moreso for Senators.