Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Most Dangerous Game in Public Schools

Back when I was a student, this little exercise would have been insanely risky.  Now it's just outrageously so.
It is VERY hard to predict what people are going to do when they unexpectedly come under fire.  Back in the 80s, there were still a lot of male teachers, and lots of those teachers were, well, reasonably masculine, and a lot of them had 'seen the elephant' in Vietnam and other foreign adventures.  A fair number of them actually gave a damn about their charges too.  I could EASILY see my old calculus or physics instructor entering the berzerkergang, and possibly dragging a fair number of his students into that state along with him.  Then what are your headlines?
Sometimes I swear that it seems like I've got a powerful and capable counterintelligence network getting the public school system to score enough 'own goals' to keep my side in the game.

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Anonymous said...

I imagine the drill organizers might have been pro-statist agitators, trying to restrict civil liberties.

on the other hand, they may have been implicitly anti-statist agitators, trying to radicalize their fellow citizens.