Saturday, July 13, 2013

Zimmerman Not Guilty, Is Double Jeopardy Coming?

And should double jeopardy not be enough, will there be Final Jeopardy?

I admit it, I was very worried that the all female jury would decide to 'compromise' and go for manslaughter, particularly after they asked a question earlier today about manslaughter.  I was encouraged somewhat though by the fact that several of the jurors had concealed weapon permits in the past.

So now we'll see what Obama's minions decide to do.  Is it time for Double Jeopardy?  Will the urban hordes rage and burn down their own neighborhoods?


bdoran said...

The Schelling Point was Nov 2012.

There was another Turning Point last night.

Jehu said...

No riots thus far. Hopefully any jury in the future recognizes that we live in a '3 felonies a day' world and gives the finger to any other charges against Zimmerman.