Monday, July 22, 2013

George Zimmerman Is More Than A Sacrificial Lamb Unjustly Accused

Throughout the proceedings, I've always held that Zimmerman struck me as a fundamentally decent human being.  He's the sort of guy that its honestly unfair to damn him with the faint praise that we'd rather have him as a neighbor than the 'sainted' Martin.
Now we find that he and another man saved a family in an accident that they had no part in from their overturned truck that was on fire.  Oh, and like his concealed weapon in the first incident, he had a fire extinguisher handy.  Was Zimmerman an old school Boy Scout?  He certainly seems to be a role model for prudent preparation.
There is terrific irony in the fact that when Zimmerman DESPERATELY needed and was calling for help, none was forthcoming, despite the fact that it was in his own neighborhood and Zimmerman had repeatedly helped his neighbors.  Nobody would stick their neck out for Zimmerman.

It is not Zimmerman who is unworthy of us  or of our our society.  It is we who are unworthy of him.  Where did this man get his chest?

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