Thursday, September 12, 2013

In What Bizzaro Universe is Smuggling Guns to One Side in a Civil War NOT An Act of War?

Riddle me this.  Suppose the Mormons decided they'd had enough of the US Government and seceded, and USG didn't take this gracefully.  Were other nations to arm and train and provide military intelligence to the Mormons, the US sure as hell would consider it an act of war.

So how is it that our actions with respect to the Syrian conflict are NOT acts of war?  American exceptionalism?
Reminds me of the passive-aggressive crap that I used to pull in the old Civilization game to get a war I wanted under a republic or democracy.  Perhaps old Sid was onto something there, it certainly fits the US MO for getting into conflicts.


bdoran said...

Arms dealing is not an act of war itself. Or we, Russia, France, china and a few others are at war with the world.

The Italians for instance make nasty ceramic mines..

Jehu said...


Simple cash & carry isn't an act of war. But smuggling into another sovereign nation most assuredly is, especially if that nation is internally at war.

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