Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another cause for encouragement, brought to us indirectly by SBPDL

There's one thing that should encourage we of the Reaction about the present age.

Its music generally sucks.
Now it is no exceptional thing in the US for the older generation to believe that the younger generation's music sucks. What is exceptional is this:

The younger generation generally AGREES with me. I've been somewhat taken aback with how much teens and tweens and younger kids these days are fond of classic rock. Hell, I've heard teenage girls singing Pat Benatar songs in venues like playgrounds.

If one looks at the lyrics of these songs, a lot of them are intensely reactionary by today's standards. Hell, Bon Jovi has songs that are more meaningfully Christian than the tripe they like to play on Christian music stations. Even Metallica gets in on the act with a retelling of the Plagues and Passover story (Creeping Death) and a powerful expression of paleoconservative foreign policy sentiment (Don't Tread on Me).

So take heart Reactionaries, or, if you prefer, rock on.

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