Monday, July 18, 2011

More weaponized memes of doom, pointed at white people of course

So the Guardian is criticizing the Beckhams (the famous Soccer player and Spice Girl who are actually married and apparently fairly functional) for having their 4th child on the grounds of 'selfishly' contributing to overpopulation. Notice that they're not criticizing far more fecund immigrants. Notice that they're not calling for a halt to immigration into the UK. No, instead they hurl their excrement only at white people, and white people who don't expect the taxpayer to fund their get at that.

While I'm a fan of neither soccer nor the Spice Girls, I have to register my support for the fine efforts of the Beckhams to help insure that the natives of the British Isles maintain their demographic hegemony. Maybe they'll go for a 5th or a 6th bundle of joy.

Some have asked what they can do to help in the grand crusade to maintain demographic hegemony. Here's something you can do if you're a fairly neurotypical woman with very young children. Dress them up as cute as you can and take them outside in strollers or shopping carts in places heavy with your particular demographic. Fresh-faced, happy babies and toddlers heavily push the buttons of neurotypical women towards wanting some of their own, or, in the case of women of grandmotherly age, towards encouraging her own daughters to give her some cute grandkids. Even in very liberal venues, like the Whole Foods, you'll find almost no neurotypical women can resist a cute little one. My little ones are far mightier warriors of Reaction than I.

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