Saturday, July 16, 2011

More encouraging developments regarding the degradation of the prestige and status of the Judiciary

Essentially a 61 year old woman decided to give a TSA agent a taste of her own medicine, and was charged with sexual assault.

The really interesting thing is the comments. They're overwhelmingly hostile to the TSA and especially to anyone who defends them or expresses sympathy for the agent. And check this out

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This would be a jury I would be proud and pleased to serve on:
"Your Honor, we the jury find that since the TSA can cop a feel,
so can the public. Not guilty"

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about time. i hope the jury just laughs there butts off as they let jher go with a big thank you.

Just on the first page you've got 2 people expressing Level 6 Anti-Judiciary sentiment openly and margins of 180something to 12 agreeing with them. This isn't a reactionary blog but yahoo news and an AP feed at that. Clearly the campaign to delegitimize the Judiciary continues apace. Onward the Reaction!

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