Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Serious Hygiene Needed in the Scientific Establishment

Ultimately the problem boils down to, what gets rewarded gets done.  I've previously written about peer review here

Note that my own experience with same is in areas where there is much less inherent temptation and politicization.  But there are NEVER just two roaches in a kitchen.

Probably the only reasonable way to clean things up would be to have a 'loyal opposition', which made it its work to attempt reproduction and verification on large numbers of papers that are published.  That loyal opposition would have to be incentivized through equivalent publication credits and availability of funding, or it'll never happen (this is why it will never happen).  They'd have to be given significant funding and prestige for taking scientific scalps.  At the front end, journals would have to approve experimental designs in advance and commit to accept the paper REGARDLESS of what the results were assuming the experiment described was carried out faithfully.  Presently the bias introduced based on what the journals want to hear is pretty massive, especially in areas like health and medicine.


bdoran said...

Whenever Progs bring up any point - gun control currently - it is only ever about 1 thing.


So ask them what power does this give them, and over who?

The arguments have no other merit either way, because that's not the point. POWER is the point.

All the rest is strategem on their part. Necessary Tricks and Tactics to get more POWER.

Jehu said...

Yes, politics is pretty much all who..whom, with a few dupes and useful idiots who actually believe.
Unfortunately, science is actually a useful tool, tightly coupled with engineering and technology. It is tragic it has become so entwined with Cathedral politics.