Saturday, December 1, 2012

Steve Sailer with More on White People with Sometimes Not Even Spanish Surnames

Increasingly I think white people should make a two-pronged attack.
First, use ridiculous bad faith and claim Hispanic whenever and wherever it gives them personal benefits. 
I for one an a HUGE fan of the great Saint Diego Matamoros, and I have a soft spot for the Spanish Inquisition, which has a history blackened by the propaganda of the perfidious English.

Secondly, we need to push at minimum that nobody lighter than Zimmerman should be allowed to get any affirmative action bennies---even while collecting them ourselves.  Heightening the contradictions, as Lenin would say.  Who...Whom, that's all there is to politics, and white people need to learn this lesson now.  Learn it good and hard.

There are several good reasons to learn Spanish as a white person.  First, there's actually a lot of good literature written in Spanish, and knowing Spanish will give you another entry wedge into the Romance languages as a whole.  In addition, it turns out you can say all kinds of reactionary and Christian stuff in Spanish without anyone batting an eye---even people who speak Spanish.  Call for an airstrike from the Holy Spirit?  Venerate the great Slayer of Moors?  Describe your disdain for homogamy?  Spanish gives you the pass.

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Toddy Cat said...

There's also a lot of really good reactionary stuff written in Spanish. Francisco Franco and Don Colacho didn't come out of an intellectual vacuum.