Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Convergence of Spheres is No Accident

Foseti finds the phenomenon of 'Volunteer Thought Police' fascinating.  I find it rather infuriating.  But I rather suspect that more of my moral system is routed through my disgust response than is his.

To his post I supply this response.  This response also explains why there is so much overlap between Reaction and the purveyors of Game.

I’ll tell you what motivates a lot of these Voxian Gammas.

The mistaken impression that if they suck up to the Cathedral, especially the feminist league, that perversion of honest nunnery, that they’ll enjoy higher status and get laid more often or with a less obese variety of women.

This is why, IMO, it is important for Reaction to be in the forefront of spreading a less wrong perspective on male-female relationships than the presently politically correct platitudes. G-Damned Cathedral doesn’t even get its f*** collaborators laid on a regular basis. The Nazis with their spiffy uniforms, and probably even the Soviets enjoyed far more success on that front. Partially choking off the flow of gammas is an important objective.

Just ask the gammas—hey, is all that talking down other men really working for you? Are you getting laid like tile? Underneath most gammas is a massive core of resentment.


Matthew said...

Generalized as a response to untermensch behavior: "When you act like this, do you often get the response you want?"

Proph said...

If you're looking for volunteer thought police who bafflingly spend their days deliberately inducing the vapors in themselves, check out a Web site called "Fundies Say the Darndest Things!"

If you're looking for validation that the volunteer thought police are largely doughy omega-males whose attractiveness scales not from 1 to 10 but from log(1) to log(10), spend five minutes on their forums.

If you're looking for five additional minutes of entertainment, deliberately endeavor to get yourself posted there and enjoy the tidal wave of hate mail that results.

Jehu said...

I'd be more inclined to call them Gamma rather than Omega. Lots of Omegas inhabit places like 4chan that are more politically incorrect than the Chariot. Gammas probably outrank Omegas in the SMP, but they're way more annoying.