Saturday, February 9, 2013

Spam, Spam, and More Spam

Minor rant here---I hate that there's no ready option in blogger to allow anonymous comments without moderation or captchas if and only if they have no links attached.  An awful lot of stuff lately is leaking through the spam filter.  I really don't want to disallow anonymous commenting, I hate captchas, and I don't want to moderate most things.  For the time being I've enabled moderation on posts older than 3 weeks or so.  Hopefully the Great Flood of spam is a transient thing.


Steve Sailer said...

Is the Great Spam Flood happening everywhere, or just to some bloggers?

Jehu said...

It seems that the spam filters have lost an order of magnitude of effectiveness---from blocking like 99% of spam down to more like 90%--perhaps even lower.
I've seen the same complaint on a lot of blogspot blogs.