Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Never Let It Be Said That Wiki Doesn't Have a Lot of Good Red Pill Material

Your friendly neighborhood Dark Lord over at writes today to gloat on how his view of neurotypical psychology just keeps getting confirmed over and over again in the scientific literature, despite the conventional 'wisdom'.
After looking over his article, I consulted Wikipedia to see what they had to offer, and its quite a bit.

I've talked in some detail about all of these three areas here at the Chariot, but Wiki provides nice summaries of how the security flaws in the neurotypical psychological architecture are exploited again, and again, and again, and how the one having the exploits run on them likes it.

One technique that uses all of these effects on steroids is to have your lover, be she your wife, girlfriend, or whatever, pose for you on her digital camera.  Camp it up, use a bogus German or Russian or French accent, whatever strikes your fancy and is fun.  Make it as tame or as risque
as is appropriate given your relationship, and give her back her camera containing all the pictures when you're done.  She'll have a blast.  You don't need to be a good photographer, just point and shoot and give lots of directions and 'photographer-speak' encouragements.  But, be warned---you may find that your very conservative wife, girlfriend, or whatever pushes matters a bit closer to the risque end of the spectrum as she gets into it.

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