Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our Adversaries: Encouragment and Morale to Reaction

Today I'd like to offer some encouragement to my fellow reactionaries. We've got a lot of challenges, perhaps partly because to be a reactionary, practically by definition in the current climate you need to be pretty low in the 5-factor model Agreeableness. That is simply the cross we must bear, but take heart, Reaction is not achieved by Agreeable men.

The biggest thing we have going for us in truth is our adversaries. Our present day adversaries are, if more numerous than they were in the past, of distinctly inferior quality. Gone are those who would embrace martyrdom. The SWPL of today has probably never even been in a mere argument wherein he was outnumbered or fighting the cultural zeitgeist. No, he is terribly spoiled by the fact that, despite his protestations, he IS the establishment, and a lazy one at that. He has no stomach for a real fight, even if it is strictly rhetorical, at anything other than many to one odds. In general he lacks even any honest to goodness principles, he simply does what gets the most plusses to social status. He has few if any children, and sends them to schools that are curiously non-diverse despite his loud profession of faith in diversity.

Come the Reaction he will strive to gain social status by demonstrating his prodigious knowledge of Antediluvian geneologies. All that is necessary to bend him to our will is to change the status incentive structure that he faces. He is not the would-be crusader of years past that faced a powerful Klan with his life in the balance. No, truth be told, a present day member of the Klan---if it still has a nontrivial number of members that are not federal or state informants, is far more courageous than he. For he, at least, is willing to place SOMETHING above the mere aggrandizement of social status. Take this as a gift: There is absolutely nobody more easy to manipulate than the one who is concerned with social status uber alles.

So take heart in this comrades. Should the Establishment begin to waver, it will fall quickly. Far more quickly, I think, than you or I could possibly imagine. And, indeed, the SWPL will proclaim that he was with us all the time.

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