Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Special, Held Over from May Day

Dear Unions of America,
Back in May we talked, and I presented my offer to you. In the spirit of Christian charity, I'd like to inform you that said offer is still good. You retain the ability to act in your own best interests without facing withering criticism from the reactionary quarter. Ask yourselves this, is your position improving or worsening? Judging by the various economic numbers (e.g., the substantial fall in tax receipts, a number that is much harder to game than the happy-clappy U3 numbers the MSM tries to convince you mean something---if they didn't love Obama so much, they might remember just how crappy a metric U3 is and tell you about U6, and if they hated his guts, they'd tell you about total employment ratios, labor force participation rates, and the like), I'd have to say your position is worsening by the quarter.

Last time I told you that you desperately needed to stop the bleeding caused by illegal immigration (and legal immigration, for that matter). Said policies cut your collective throats. That's still true. But I'd also counsel you that you need to think seriously about what prompts outsourcing as well. Honestly speaking, you need to think seriously about what you want to push insofar as corporate taxation is concerned, as well as the various regulations that make the US such a popular place to outsource from.

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