Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Taqiyya, a gift from Mohammed for the neurotypical

Sometimes I find myself incredibly backlogged in my writing.  This post is nearly a year overdue--I said it was coming soon in November of last year.  But, since it is a gift from well over a thousand years ago, I suppose a year is a small matter.
Obviously my purpose in this writing isn't to make you followers of Mohammed.  But our profound theological differences should not blind us to the weapons that he can gift us.

Taqiyya, loosely translated, means holy deceit.  In practice what it means is that as a follower of Islam, it is acceptable and often religiously praiseworthy to deceive the infidel as a stratagem in the 'House of War' (i.e., anywhere that Islam isn't in control).  This really isn't that surprising a concept after some reflection.  I mean, if you're at war, obviously the use of ruse, flanking, et al are all perfectly acceptable.  All warfare is made by means of deceit after all.  If you are strong, appear weak, if weak, appear strong.  The innovation of Islam is the application of this to the cultural battlespace.

Here's why it is so important.  Neurotypical people generally require a mental narrative that explains their actions to themselves.  Let's say you've been required in a public place to say 30 Hail Obamas, and this is a frequent requirement in the area wherein you live, or you will face at minimum some social sanction.  The neurotypical mind gets ground down over time by this because the least uncomfortable narrative is that I say this because I really like Obama.  The alternative narrative is that I say it because I'm afraid of the sanctions involved.  People really don't like having to believe that.  Ever wonder why pledges of allegiance and the like are so popular as requirements?  Thank the customary wiring of the neurotypical.  People have spent a LONG time hacking that Human Operating System, and precious few patches have been delivered.

However Taqiyya offers an alternative narrative.  You're a spy on a holy mission.  For you it is perfectly acceptable to fool the infidel dogs, it merely stokes your contempt for them.   Your own brain ceases to be your adversary in maintaining your convictions and once again becomes your ally.


Anonymous said...

Heck, haven't you ever seen progressives thumping their sunken little chests and barking manfully about how they're the only real patriots who truly love this country, advocacy of our laws and customs is "anti-American", liberals fought WWII, blah blah blah?

They believe every single word of it, while they're saying it. Quite sincerely.

And then when that's no longer the advantageous thing to say, they go right back to their regularly scheduled smirking contempt for everything they just bragged about being the only true defender of. And they believe every word of that while they're saying it, too.

Maybe we should invent a truly infuriating reactionary justification for actually admiring Obama, and start barking it back at them. It needn't make real sense (it CAN'T make real sense), but it just might rattle them a bit. If not, it'd at least be fun.

Jehu said...

Obama is a lot harder for reactionaries to admire even in jest than most:-) Cesar Chavez, on the other hand, can get a big HAIL CESAR from me any day. I'd love to see a march in his honor with quotes of his about how horrible illegal immigration and bracero programs were for the American worker, where after each the marchers pump a fist into the air and shout HAIL CESAR.

Anonymous said...

taqiyya is a perfect classic example of just why islam is morally wrong. it turns a blind eye and deaf ear to the obvious and ancient knowledge that "honesty is the best policy".


Jehu said...

Nobody expects a group that is at war to be honest with their enemies, warfare is deceit after all. Islam is at war with the rest of the world. This is why it is madness to encourage (or even fail to discourage) immigration of Moslems into non-Moslem nations. Lots of religions have shown historically that they're quite capable of living and let live with others. Guess what isn't one of them?