Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Reactionary's Cross to Bear

Low Agreeability is the cross that reactionaries must bear.  On a moments reflection, the reason should be obvious.  The existing culture exacts a strong social price for expressing reactionary opinions, so reactionaries must therefore be drawn disproportionately from the subset of the population with low agreeability.  Come the Reaction, we'll be able to make nearly everyone with high agreeability bend to the reactionary zeitgeist, but that is a battle for another day.

Today we must consider the fact that Reaction is not a monolith, nor does it even have a single banner.  And we Reactionaries are a fractious lot.  Many of us expend obscene amounts of energy fighting against other reactionaries---frequently on issues of religion or the Jewish Question.  Some reactionaries, such as myself, are traditionalist Christians.  Yet others believe that Christianity is the enemy.  I believe that most Christian elites, like most other elites today, have sold out their rank and file for social prestige and status.  Can anyone name an elite group in the US today that hasn't sold out their coreligionists or coethnics?  I can think of maybe one, the Hispanic elite, which generally pushes the agenda of demographic hegemony for their coethnics.  Everyone else's elites are screwing their parent populations obscenely:
Most white elites are traitors on issues of demographic hegemony AND supporting interracial transfer payments
Most Christian elites are traitors for the same two reasons
Most Black elites are serious traitors on demographic issues, as in many areas Mestizos are in effect ethnically cleansing them. 

Most Jewish elites are seriously hurting the Jewish brand, which will lead to, I predict, dire consequences of the historical variety for ordinary Jews, 60% of whom are against demographic displacement in the US.

Reaction is positively surrounded by enemies to its Left.  There is absolutely no shortage of targets to engage at in that direction.  So why is it that there is so much ammunition expended by us towards the Right?
The amount of this activity is wasteful, and the cycle created is destructive.  I suggest that, for now at least, we ignore any enemies to the Right of us.  For my part, if you're against the loss of demographic hegemony for me and mine, you are not my enemy.  It matters not for that purpose whether you're a free marketeer, a national socialist, a Georgist, or whatever.  It matters not for that purpose whether you're a Christian, Asatru, Wiccan, Jewish, or whatever.  It also matters not whether you love Jews, hate them, or hold them in indifference, or something more nuanced.  Yes, it is true that some of your 'not enemies' today may become your enemies in the future as Reaction's banner rises.  But one must get through each day before tomorrow comes.  Reaction has a long term plan---an emergent one that its components are executing quite nicely without any central coordination---that will bring victory.  But such generational plans take a very long time to come to fruition, and there are battles in the here and now that must be won.  In said battles, we can ill afford to waste ammunition.


Aretae said...


You say, "Can anyone name an elite group in the US today that hasn't sold out their coreligionists or coethnics?"

We libertarians/anarchists/etc. argue that this is the necessary feature of elites/government. IF there are elites and government, this is what you get, necessarily. Doesn't it give you pause that this appears to be true not only in the US, but in every state we've ever seen?

Jehu said...

There's corruption, which more or less everyone expects, and then there's downright betrayal. Does the Japanese elite seek to replace its people with another?

Aretae said...

Very easy to argue that the feature that is different is that the average Japanese is highly xenophobic, and consider all non-japanese scum...while the average American isn't.

Elites in Japan don't sell out their co-ethnics because ethnicity is important in japan, and it's NOT important in many of us think it oughtn't to be.

Jehu said...

Japanese are really better described as nativist than xenophobic. They do plenty of tourism and trade, but only insofar as it clearly benefits the Japanese as they see it. I've quite a few non-Japanese friends who have lived in Japan---several even who were displaced by the recent unfortunate events, and they rather like it there. Americans in the majority also want to see less immigration, particularly of the illegal variety, than they do presently.