Monday, October 3, 2011

More parody from Dalrock on socializing away my disadvantages while retaining the status effects of my advantages
In this case, socializing away the career disadvantages of being a woman with an unknown predilection for actually having a family.  Naturally, you're not allowed to ask questions like this to your employees.  Predictably, if you take leaves of absence to raise your children, you're not going to advance as rapidly, all other things equal, as you would otherwise.  It is a trade off, and many women choose family over career---so much the better IMO.  The issue comes when, as a result of this trade off and others, people start complaining about 72, 75, or however many cents on the dollar that women make as a result of 'discrimination' and 'sexism'.  It is aggravated by the constant use of moral and shaming language.  Such language shouldn't be used in what amounts to a division of spoils, or, rather, we shouldn't give any additional deference to the users of such language.

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