Monday, October 10, 2011

Steve Sailer's Strategy

I don't identify much with the Republican party, and the Republican party doesn't employ Sailer as a campaign consultant, but that's because the Republican party is the stupid party.  Sailer's strategy is the best strategy available to them in the short term (because it would be wildly popular) and in the long term (because it would drive demographics towards a state more favorable to their party).  It is extremely doubtful they'll embrace it openly though, at least at the elite level, because they're afraid of being called nativists and racists.

His strategy, in brief, is:
Promote affordable family formation in groups that vote for you.  Obviously I agree with this---it's also the central pillar of the Reactionary Plan for Victory.
Get most of the Hispanic category to self-identify as white.  I've previously suggested peeling away white people with Spanish surnames.  His proposal is to demolish the category as a whole for AA purposes, which is considerably more ambitious.  What can I say except Amen?
Stop importing people who are going to vote against you.  Here Sailer acknowledges the electoral importance of demographic hegemony.

Lee Atwater, were he to rise from his grave and pronounce campaign strategy, would almost certainly give Saler's strategy two big undead thumbs up.  Atwater, you see, actually probably had a positive expected value as a strategist for the Republican party, something few modern consultants for the Republicans can claim.

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