Monday, October 3, 2011

Occupy Wall Street?

So a bunch of fairly extreme leftists are trying to 'occupy Wall Street'.  Normally I've little sympathy for said group, but in this case I can spare a bit.  Wall Street in coordination with Washington has spewed an unprecedented amount of moral hazard in the past 4 years--basically since the beginning of 2008 before the elections, so this isn't purely an Obama thing.  I dare say that the best investment available to large companies is Congressmen, and that is a dire problem.

The fundamental issue is that the unspoken rules of engagement for the nation have been horribly defiled in an unusually public fashion.  If a small business or an individual makes bad investments, they suffer.  Unfortunately, really large businesses, and in particular banks, get bailed out or have the rules bent in their favor.  This makes it really hard to justify enforcing the rules against the little people----on things like, for instance, strategic defaults.

So I understand fully why there's so much rage against Wall Street.  They basically own the Federal Government, which is screwing over the general population, especially white people in a manner that really can't be ignored.  Fortunately, these leftists unwittingly serve the cause of Reaction, as any damage they inflict on the prestige of the present system only helps us.  Once the crisis of confidence comes, truly Reactionary proposals can be advanced.  Lenin called such a state a prerevolutionary condition.

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