Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fish Explicitly Confirms the Chariot of Reaction Thesis


That being essentially that those that advance the Cathedral agenda using moral language have zero moral standing and that whites should therefore mock any attempt to guilt them into failing to support their own group interests.

Here's the bottom line:  you're not going to win the effort through logical persuasion, particularly without any signficant representation in mass media.  Persuasion isn't about logic, or even truth.  It is about status, repetition and affiliation.  That's the world we live in.  Frankly, despite mainline protestations to the contrary,God doesn't give a damn whether group X is in the front of the bus and group Y is in the back of the bus or vice versa.  Because of our nature, one group will ALWAYS be in the back of the bus, or will at least protest vehemently as such.  The overwhelming majority of issues we cast as moral issues are in fact just issues of interest, affiliation, and status.  With a few exceptions, the primary evil involved is the deceit and mendacity with which we feel compelled to clothe these conflicts and the moral inversions we have erected.  If you can't win a conflict as it is presently framed, and can't reframe it, change the mode of conflict to one where you can win.

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