Friday, March 16, 2012

How Diversity Hurts the Sexual and Marriage Marketplaces

Diversity promotes sprawl, by the engine of white flight and NAM crime.  Sprawl promotes obesity, the number one killer of a woman's value in the SMP and MMP.  Obesity is promoted in several ways:
1.  People have longer average commutes, and walk less
2.  People tend to eat a preprocessed 'Standard American Diet' partially due to longer commute times cutting into energy and time for food preparation
3.  Diversity reduces the number of stay at home moms, which aggravates the previous problem, because many couples believe that two incomes are necessary to escape the NAM undertow

In addition, it works to undermine the SMP and MMP through other means.
Diversity atomizes communities, which makes mass media more influential in relation.  Mass media tends to reduce the status of males relative to females, which is toxic to attraction
The atomization of communities breeds virtual anonymity, which increases the effectiveness of the 'Cad' strategy relative to the 'Dad' strategy because communities that don't actually exist find it very difficult to enforce shared norms, especially in 'prisoner's dilemma' sorts of situations.
By importing lots of cheap labor, the value of the average Joe's labor in the economy is bid down, lowering his status, which is, again, toxic to attraction
Importing lots of voters with a socialist bent tends to move states in a more socialist direction, and the thicker the social safety net, the more devalued the archetypal 'beta provider' becomes
Forcing people to walk on eggshells all the time around issues of diversity, ethnicity, or race coerces most people to act like cowards or fools, neither of which is especially attractive

There really is something absurd when a woman can pretty easily get to the 80th or so percentile of attractiveness in the US merely by maintaining a weight proportionate to her height.

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Hail said...

Excellent post. These are the central issues of our time, but are rarely ever discussed.

You correctly identify the problem, Jehu: It really does (mostly) come down to Multi-Racialism. A great number -- it's probably safe to say most -- of the USA's problems have either been created by it or greatly exacerbated by it.