Saturday, March 17, 2012

How Much Does PR Malpractice Hurt? The Case of the Komen Foundation

Some weeks ago, I described the debacle with Planned Parenthood and the Komen foundation as PR Malpractice, as they succeeded in pissing off both sides through their actions.

Periodically, I like to revisit predictions I make to see whether they held water, with an eye towards refining my world model for more accurate predictions in the future.  In this case, the prediction was something of a vague one---fundraising and involvement would suffer because of the malpractice.

I confess I didn't expect it to be QUITE this devastating:

Apparently fundraising and involvement in their big yearly event in Fort Worth is down nearly 50% year over year.  I didn't expect that, I expected more something along the lines of 10%.  Making two big segments of your donor base angry reduces donations:  Who would have thought that?

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Alrenous said...

"Who would have thought that?"

Also +1 for explicitly evaluating predictions. Clap clap and such.