Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Elite Progressive Nightmare About Stand Your Ground

We're seeing a lot of heartburn in the media about 'stand your ground' laws presently.  I suspect that there's an elite nightmare behind a lot of this sudden attention.  Consider this:
A small band of minority youth (read, 16-21 year old large males) are being loud and obnoxious in a public transit vehicle---perhaps light rail.  An 'evil white man' with a CCW permit, emboldened by the fact that he has tactical dominance should he need it, confronts them, asking them to pipe down and lay off the obscenity.  They react negatively to his 'disrespect' and attack him, and he shoots all of them dead.   He is not charged due to 'stand your ground' laws.  Repeat this scene several times and the social dynamic will change.  That's what I suspect they're afraid of---ordinary people might not have to meekly submit to intimidation.  There's an analogous scene in Star Trek IV, where Spock uses his nerve pinch on a skinhead biker looking guy with a ghetto blaster radio who is annoying everyone on the bus (obviously there's racial reskinning going on here a la Law & Order to avoid raising a racial uproar), and the audience, both in movie and in the theater goes wild with applause.  We saw a lot of the same sentiment surrounding Bernie Goetz.  Flash mobbing is a lot less fun when your victims can shoot back with looser rules of engagement.  We should stand our ground on 'stand your ground'.


Southern Man said...

Incidents like these are part of the price we pay for living in a feminist society. In a world where men were not only allowed but encouraged to act like men, teens would never dream of this sort of behavior. And if they did they'd never dare try it when other men are present. They wouldn't get shot - this post suggests an extreme response because the world has gone mad - but they WOULD get the stuffins beat out of them by every man present. A little of THAT would go a long way. But, today, who wants to risk feminist law and feminist courts and jail to defend - feminists?

Anonymous said...

I think you are engaging in a little mental masturbation there.

It is highly doubtful that anyone will pull out a gun and blow lots of flash mob robbers away.

The Progressive Elites are simply trying to buy votes by pandering to the inchoate fears of certain minorities.

Jehu said...

The CCW density in places like Florida can be pretty high. High enough to shut down a flash mob? That's an open question. But high enough to shut down 3-4 'youths' on public transit? Absolutely. Just takes time and chance.