Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Interesting News from Wisconsin

Apparently in just 6 months, over 100k citizens in Wisconsin have applied for concealed weapon permits and had one issued to them.  The expectation for the full year was 125k, so it's likely that this will be substantially exceeded.  The population of the state is around 5.7 million, so it's likely that the fraction of the population with WI CCW permits will be in the 2-3% range, maybe even as high as 4% depending on how reciprocity works in WI (an awful lot of states honor Utah permits, for instance, so a lot of people who never have even been to Utah get one of theirs).
This implies that the CCW density within the state of Wisconsin is likely to be pretty substantial by the end of the year.
It is, IMO, no accident that you pretty much only see mass shootings in areas with very low (usually 0 because of specific laws) CCW density.

Apparently clothing fashions intended to faciliate CCW has percolated up in awareness to hit the NYT.
Very interesting indeed and speaking to the increasing CCW density in the various states.

Update 2:

Speaking of the devil and Utah permits, the above story demonstrates what can happen when CCW density is fairly high.  A Utah CCW holder derails a stabbing spree in a grocery store in Salt Lake City.


Matthew said...

Wolfram Alpha is actually useful for once:

Jehu said...

Very handy---so with 150K permit holders you'll have around 4.2% CCW density among adults in WI. 5% might even happen if the permits get to 200K in a year (unlikely, as there's certainly some 'pent up demand' in the 6 month numbers).