Sunday, April 22, 2012

Obama, Romney on Steroids?

Is it just me, or is Obama like Romney on Steroids?

Romney may have put a dog into a rooftop car carrier...
Obama ATE dogs...

Romney went to a church that at one time considered Blacks to be Spiritually Inferior...
Obama went to a church that hates white people

Romney meddled with the health care system in a single very liberal state
Obama did more than meddle in the whole nation's health care system

Romney has polygamy in his family within 2 generations
Obama has polygamy in his family within 1 generation

Any other such comparisons?

I know that the Mormon church has an internal mutual aid apparatus that is apparently pretty effective.

Anyone know if Romney or his wife have been active within it?


sisterbrat said...

New reader. I apologize if this post is considered too old to comment on. You asked if Romney or his wife would have been involved with the church's welfare program.

Yes, they would have and also will be in the future. He was a bishop. Being a bishop, he would have been in charge of the ward's Bishop's Storehouse. The bishop is involved in all of it. To receive assistance one must go to the bishop and explain what is wrong and what help is needed. Then the bishop gets the wheels rolling. If it is monetary, like help with a bill or such, it comes from the ward, if it is food or clothing, that comes from higher up the chain, but it is all initiated through the bishopric.

Each ward has a fund from fast sundays. The first Sunday of every month is designated Fast and Testimony meeting. Ward members fast for two meals, and tithe the money that would have been spent getting those meals as a fast offering, which is separate from regular tithing.

Welfare from the LDS perspective is different though than what it has come to mean. Providence and self-sufficiency is encouraged straight alongside charity and helping those less fortunate. The goal is to provide help when needed but to get people to the point where they are on their feet and then helping others. Hope this helped.

Jehu said...

Thank you very much for your contribution---I think it is very helpful indeed.
Don't worry too much about the age of the post in commenting. This isn't such an incredibly high traffic blog that I find it necessary to lock old posts.