Saturday, September 22, 2012

Another Hurrah For The True Finns

The True Finns---calling themselves the 'Finns Party' now apparently for English-speaking consumption, looks likely to score a lot more representation at the municipal level in the coming election.  It has radically expanded the number of candidates that it has running and will probably do quite well.  This is, IMO, very important because it will both strengthen their power and client base and weaken that of their enemies.  The Finns party GETS demographic hegemony, and we here at the Chariot have tremendous sympathies in favor of any such parties.  Being solid on demographic hegemony makes me not inclined to care whether you're socialist or a disciple of Rand when your opposition is bad on that issue.
Existential issues, after all, pretty much by definition, trump pretty much everything but Deus Vult! issues.

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