Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sheer Insanity and the Wisdom of Old-School Bigotry

Sheer insanity is inviting in immigrants who will predictably demand that the rest of the population walk on eggshells.
I have to acknowledge the wisdom of the old-school 'bigots', who moderately hazed each new group of immigrants.  Only through fairly thorough hazing can you guarantee that a group isn't going to go Muslim on you once it gets its demographic or political critical mass.
What's more, groups that are actually hazed tend to develop more loyalty to the polity.  Go figure, it's the nature of the neurotypical.  Fraternities and secret societies have always known this, if only at a gut level.  The banning of such societal hazing is one of the many reasons why the assimilating power of the US is at an all time low.

Sanity would be an immediate time-out on net immigration and an Operation Wetback II that is more grandiose, in the style of all good sequels.  The timeout would last at least 2 generations, 3 if it doesn't include a WWII-sized war in the middle.

But to accomplish this ordinary white people need to get over themselves and accept that THEY HAVE INTERESTS as such.  Drop the universalist crap and stop hiding behind the skirts of your minority totems and simply pursue your interests as a group.  Yes, this means acting politically EXACTLY like your opponents.  News flash:  There is no prize for being the last group to still follow the rules. 
PS:  God never ordained the rules you were following.  Any argument from Christianity that has an obvious consequence that nobody but post 1950 Christians are really Christians is ridiculous on its face.  Treat it as such.
PPS:  Civility is overrated and won't be returned and is furthermore absolutely inappropriate in existential conflicts.  You're in one, start acting like it.  Oh, and one more thing:
White privilege doesn't exist, but it should.  Start fighting to make your world look like the fevered imaginations of the 'anti-racist' (i.e., anti-white) sanctimonious scolds.


Anonymous said...

The problem is that intra group competition is still more profitable then extra group competition.

The great middle of the white race built up enourmous capital (social, economic, political, cultural, etc) up until the current leftist craze. Individual elite whites had a lot to gain from looting that capital. They did so with bank lending (S&L), stocks (internet bubble), home equity (real estate bubble), political trust (national debt), cultural identity (immigration, trade deficit).

Individual whites got very rich off this looting, that is why it happened. Until white capital has been looted to such a degree that its no longer such a bounty, white will continue to compete more with other whites then against outgroups. Outgroups, who had so little capital of their own, saw bounty in exploiting whites.

Ryu said...

Indeed. It seems that only racists and bigots have the strength to overcome the eternal pity of most whites. Can you imagine the audacity it takes to question feminism, diversity, multiculturalism and the holocaust fable? A very small number can do it.

I don't believe WN needs to be marketed to the masses. Once they are impovrished, they will step out of our way.

UK Fred said...

I would like to make two comments to your PPS;
The first is that the Bible tells us not to be hard hearted. Please note, not to be hard-hearted. I have searched and searched the Scriptures and I have yet to find anywhere where we are told to be soft-headed. Now not being hard-hearted means to me that we should where possible do good and not harm to people. If we are to do good, that would mean that we look to both our and the other person's long term good. this may mean that we have to allow the other person to be hurt, or to hurt themselves. All psychologists will tell us that we need feedback to learn. Imagine pitching a baseball blindfolded. You would never have a chance to pitch properly because you would not be able to see the trajectory of the ball and make corrections as required to your action. If we simply insulate people from the consequences of their actions, we are trying to teach them to pitch blindfolded.

Secondly, we should be following Jesus example. That means we too should go about doing good. Not 'being nice'. Doing good can sometimes be not nice. Ask any surgeon who has had to remove a life-threatening tumour from a patient if the patient had a nice experience, but warn me first so that I can be well out of the way of the reaction. We need to ensure that we look to the long-term good of those around us.

As our society becomes more emotional and less rational, the causes of which I will let others argue over, so the concepts of hurt and harm become confused in peoples minds.

This is why I despair of the churches. The denomination I attend (The Methodist Church in Britain) is in the process of preparing a resource for young Methodists on cohabitation. We have this already, in the Old Testament Law, Proverbs, the Prophets, and Song of Songs, and also in the New Testament. A church wich recieves a report without comment that states "Although among evangelical participants there was strong support for Christian teachings on sexual matters as traditionally expressed, it is clear that these teachings have been and are being widely ignored among many younger Methodists. The practice of sexual intercourse and cohabitation outside marriage was regarded as widespread, sensible and right." It makes me wonder whether it is a church or a synagogue of Satan.

Jehu said...

UK Fred,
The Methodists are about as bad in the US, which is sick because it was originally a serious holiness denomination. The Wesley brothers are likely responsible for a LOT of the high-trust nature of old England.
And yes, I agree, Jesus was NOT very nice---not at all a tame lion. Reading through many of the gospels, one gets that He had the spiritual gift of sarcasm.
White people need to make it expensive to be their enemies. That means rewarding their friends and punishing their enemies. They need to lose this idea that only certain things are 'cricket' in political and status conflicts and adopt a total war mindset.
I agree that economic privation will make my (and yours also) message resonate. My take is that the sooner non-elite whites come around to my way of thinking, the less bloodshed will be necessary. There are 'solutions' to our problems that are implementable by a committed 1%, 10%, 30%, or 50% of the population. Needless to say, the larger the fraction, the less destructive they need be.

Drama said...

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Axe head said...

Are Jews white? Or are they just a rootless vicious ambitious subgroup of whites?