Monday, September 24, 2012

Jeremiah Goes To San Francisco?

The Pope has sent a new, hardcore Archbishop to San Francisco.  One who is sure to imitate the prophet Jeremiah.  Surely the remnant of San Francisco needs the encouragement he will provide.

I joked with my wife that it would perhaps make a great screenplay were the Pope to send Jonah, instead of Jeremiah.
Jeremiah, you see, calls people to repent, and desperately wants them to, but know that they assuredly will not.
Jonah, on the other hand, calls people to repent, under duress from God, and hopes that they won't.  But they did anyway, a profound lesson for any would-be evangelist.  You can plant the seed, but only God gives the increase.  Sometimes He gives it without any consideration whatsoever to our desires.

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