Thursday, September 20, 2012

Golden Dawn Surges Ahead

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I'm not surprised and I am somewhat encouraged by this development.  Golden Dawn is for the demographic hegemony of the Greeks over Greece, and since pretty much all of their opposition isn't, I'm for them.
They've also taken a page from building public support from 1920s Germany, along with something else interesting:

They've taken to forming groups to go out and enforce laws that are on the books but that the ruling regime has no interest in enforcing.  This is sticking a thumb in the eye of anarcho-tyranny.  I suspect within a decade this might be a viable move in the US.  One thing to remember, when in the jury room, always practice who...whom.


B322 said...

They've taken to forming groups to go out and enforce laws that are on the books but that the ruling regime has no interest in enforcing.

I didn't know that!

Jehu said...

Mostly immigration related laws and law enforcement in 'no go' zones.

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho said...

This brings an interresting topic: How do you view the problem of the far-right european parties very often lacking solidary for other european peoples? This is not so relevant for the greek case where I am not aware of any problem in this line, but more for other countries.

This is mostly rethorical, as very often far-right parties once in power don't actually do anything special, as was the case in Poland some years ago when Self-Defence of Poland was in the leading coalition and in Hungary with Jobbik. Although this might be because they went to power in countries without sizable minorities.

But sometimes conflicts escalate. For example in Lithuania the right-wing party in power is cracking down into the rights of the polish minority. They want to remove polish-language schools and polish-written street signs. Which is absurd: The poles there are not immigrants, but a population established since centuries in a place that was part of Poland before WW2. Also the poles do not cause trouble there, so there is no reason for creating conflict.

Also the main reason why the far-right fails to create a united party in the European Union is that they keep fighting about old territorial disputes: Austrian far-right complains about South Tyrol being in Italy. Hungary complains about hungarian populated areas on Slovakia and Romania. Italians want Itria back, and so on, and so on, etc, etc. So in the end this simply makes sure that they cancel each other into irrelevance in the EU parliament.

So basically this stupid fraticidal fight seams to be a major problem for far-right european parties and the major reason why I vote for consevative but not far-right parties, for example PiS from Poland:

And finally, it seams that the scale itself between eastern europe and western europe is different, so this can cause confusion. The French National Party is often said to be far-right, but if it was in eastern europe I think it would be only right-wing, and there would be more extreme far-right parties.

Jehu said...

The various far-right (read, sane) parties of Europe would be wise to form, in the langague of the communists from their heydey, a popular front. Their counterparts are far less dangerous than the mainstream order.