Saturday, January 19, 2013

Acronym Overloading For Fun and Taqiyya

One of the things I noticed when I was back in grad school and playing the political game was just how many organizations shared the same acronyms.  For instance, there's the National Rifle Association and the National Restaurant Association.  Rarely, I suspect, do they lobby on the same issues or in the same direction.  Both are pretty serious heavyweights though, and I suspect pretty strongly that a person looking at a resume or college application that listed an internship with the NRA would assume one or the other based on their priors---what they expected to see.

Now we know Epenshade et al that members and officers of organizations associated with Red State America, like, say the FFA, JROTC, 4H, and the like are discriminated against pretty heavily by elite institutions (read this as institutions that punch tickets for eligibility to become elites).  Similarly, I wager they discriminate very heavily in favor of applicants who have membership and especially officer positions in Cathedral auxiliary groups.

Do you see where I'm going?
Imagine the Southern Pornographer Liquidation Council.  SPLC right?  A reactionary teenager volunteers with this group, gets a fancy title, and he's got awesome taqiyya made to order.

or perhaps the National Association For the Advancement of Carlyean Prose?  How much more a reactionary NAACP do you want?  I suppose you could also just have Caucasian People for the CP.

Both of these organizations are almost always acronymized, never spelled out.  There are lots of other possibilities to exploit the target's priors.  I bet there's something you could come up with that is profoundly reactionary using the initials LGBT too. 


bdoran said...

We should use Taquiya when we need, under the same original guidelines perhaps plus a bit of fun.

And not think it will advance us..for that requires two things we so far lack: confrontation and denouncing them, and perchance...success. You see it will get HARD. The enemy didn't mind going to jail, fighting and the rest when they ascended to the Cathedral throne. We should be prepared to endure the same.

Remember this is all very cute, but their power was attained by deceit and cunning legal maneuvers..such as "manipulating procedural outcomes." Truth before the masses is not their friend.

bdoran said...

and to continue with truth not being a friend to this particular power: the people were hoodwinked, more than is usual in history. They awaken to their plight...and they're quite grumpy about it.

So when the enemy hands you a gift such as "Give up on the Constitution" it should be gratefully accepted and eagerly shared.

Nick B Steves said...

You mean "LGBTQQ", right?

Jehu said...

Hehe...the taqiyya user can claim to have lobbied hard to get an extra Q into the organization's name.