Friday, January 18, 2013

We Don't Serve Your Kind Here, Resistance to the TSA in Seattle

Apparently a cafe in Seattle has decided not to serve any TSA agents.  Note the comments too, most overwhelmingly support the cafe owner's 'discrimination' against the TSA.

My gut is that there is a truly enormous undercurrent of rage against the TSA and its demand for submission rituals to get on a plane.  Perhaps it'll get tapped, although Romney et al were too damned stupid to go there.  The NRA is showing a spine lately also, putting out the first real ads hammering Obama as a person.  Elitist hypocrite indeed, and that's one of his better qualities.


Anonymous said...

These are good Seattle progressives. Let us know when business owner in say, Mississippi, does this and gets away with it.

Erik said...

From one of the talking heads in the video:

"The TSA agents have recently gotten some collective bargaining rights, and I think you can link it to this sort of anti-government-worker [...] We're thinking about the union-busting and other issues that this is somewhat related [...] picking on a government worker, that's an easy target"

WTF. Way to miss the point. If I were The Last Psychiatrist, I'd be expounding on narcissicism now after jumping to the conclusion that the talking head had union ties.

"They're just carrying out the marching orders they receive."

Oh, that's an acceptable justification for abuse in the name of national security now? ;-)

Anonymous said...

The TSA is a fascinating example of the system in microcosm. It is invasive and stupid- lately they have been freaking out over the CD wallet in my computer bag. They don't even pretend to be professional- they are usually slobs often with ridiculous hair and facial hair, mostly minorities and women. Every time you go through a checkpoint you get a reminder of who runs things and what they think of you. And yes, that these morons have a federal employees union and pay and benefits is extremely galling as well.

Bill said...

I'm always amazed in the opposite direction. When I have mentioned the TSA to fellow travelers, the response has always been some idiotic thing like "Whatever they have to do to keep us safe." Nobody I know well likes the TSA, but that is almost certainly selection bias.